Why You Should Really Consider Setting Up Your Own Pc

Computers are still the most favourite method of gaming for people around the world and most of the gaming events are computer based. The reason why computers are favoured because computers are multifunctional unlike consoles and you can vary it with your budget which you can’t do with a console. Still buying a good gaming PC can be very hefty on the pocket and if you know quiet a lot about computers then you can own your mid range pc build which can be cheaper.


  • The most important reason as to why you should build your own PC is that you can select your own motherboard depending on your needs. Selecting your own motherboard will provide you with the flexibility to upgrade and change parts whenever you want. Moreover, you can replace parts separately whenever required.
  • You really require a top-notch cooling system if you want your CPU to work at its best and most of the times the pre-built CPU’s will compromise on the cooling system but when building your own PC you will have power to select it yourself.
  • While buying your PC the dealer might give you a 1-2-year warranty on the entire product which wont stand on a lot of cases but when you are building your own PC then you don’t need to care about that because the separate parts will have their own warranties and generally these warranties are over a longer period of time.

  • When you build a gaming PC by yourself then you can go for your own preferred brands for the different parts which is not the case with an assembled one. Customization is also an option which is not available on most pre-built PC’s because the parts are soldered. You can customize and upgrade whenever you want depending on your requirements.

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