Taking Screenshots On Windows 10 Is Much Easier

Learning to take screenshots is basic and this should be known by everyone. There are several methods of learning to take screenshot in windows 10. After you learn the first and basic method, you can check for the other ways. There is a tool that Windows has called the *Snipping Tool*. This tool was first available in Windows Vista. Snipping tool helps us take screenshots of windows in Rectangular, free form or the entire screen.  You can use this tool to use different color pens for marking or as a highlighter. Screenshots in previous windows had one limitation. It will not allow you to take screenshots with mouse movements.

However, in Windows 10 there are no limitations. You can open the snipping tool and delay the screenshots for the seconds you want. This delay option helps you take the screenshot as per the time you want, this helps for any interruption. With regular snip, the screenshot will fade away as soon as you print the screen. But with snipping tool, you will have time, depending on how many seconds, it has a time delay of 1-5 seconds, whatever delay you chose, to save your screenshots.

Once the time is up, the screen will stop and then you can save the screenshot. You have the option to choose whether you want one, window or the full screen. If you chose the window, then it will screenshot the snip right away. You can choose what type of snip you want. It has an arrow next to the *new* option. There are 4 types of snips, rectangular, window, free-form and full-screen. Capturing screenshots is very useful, in case your computer or laptop is shutdown accidentally, you won’t lose the information you were on.  You can save the screenshot in your desired folder with a specific number or name.

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