Things You Need To Know About Clash Of Clans

Also known as COC, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games of the decade. It has, without a doubt, garnered generally positive reviews from critics, as well as high ratings. The game itself is so popular that clash of clans hack deutsch is something that a lot of people look for. Through these hacks, they are able to get, in unlimited supplies, resources that you would have to pay for, or do certain tasks in the game just so that you can get it. If you want to know more about this game, then you have come to the right article.

Basic Elements 

This game is fantasy-themed and is situated in a persistent world, where you, as a player, take on the role of village chief. The bigger your village is, the more resources that you have, the more powerful your village or “clan” becomes. The fun part is getting these resources from opposing clans, led by other players, where you attack other players through various features for fighting found in the game.

What are these “elements”?

These elements, or resources include dark elixir, gold, and elixir. Players could also create an “alliance”, conjoining and form clans, hence the name clash of clans, wherein these elements can be donated to each other for clans that you choose to be your opponents. Within clans, players can also communicate with each other as well as accept other members, provided that they do not exceed 50 people.

The Developers

The game is developed by company Supercell, who has also released popular games like Hay Day. At present, the game is both available for Google Play and iOS, with the release on the former platform done a year after the latter.

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