Disadvantages And Advantages Of Air Thawing

After careful analysis, dealers came to understand that the air thawing method of defrosting fish has its advantages and disadvantages. Always make sure that when you’re thawing fish, you need a good fish processing equipment. We will now list out the various merits and demerits of air thawing:

Disadvantages Of Air Thawing Fish

  • One major disadvantage of air thawing is the fact that the fish is being left unprotected in open air and it can pick up dirt and dust and other bacteria.
  • The seafood may fall to the floor as it separates and will end up picking up microbes and bacteria that may be harmful for consumption.
  • The product’s temperature cannot be monitored or controlled through the air thawing process.
  • The air temperature may vary from season to season and there is no control over it, which in turn can affect the thawing process.
  • In the case of air blast thawing, the air blasting equipment may not be given adequate maintenance that further results in poor quality thawing.
  • The air blast may be unevenly distributed and that will result in hotspots and quality loss of the fish.
  • The amount of time that it takes to thaw the fish is very long and it can end up taking hours on end for the process to be completed.

Advantages Of Air Thawing

  • Air thawing of fish can be advantageous for small quantities of seafood. This method requires limited efforts or equipment. Retail outlets find this simple and hassle-free method very easy to use and extremely effective.
  • Shellfish, fillets and other kinds of seafood that cannot be water thawed find the air thawing method extremely advantageous and useful.
  • Air thawing helps to retain the maximum amount of flavour and nutrients in the fish, making the meal absolutely delicious and very healthy.

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