Finding The Right Images For Your Blog For Free

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is one of the main reasons some of the top bloggers love including pictures in their blogs. This not only helps convey a strong message, it also helps grab attention. Having said that, a finding a royalty free image is quite a task these days. If you’re looking for some images that are free from copyrights, here are some websites you can find such images. You can also learn tips on how to create a blog by visiting this site today.

  • stock.xchng 

This website has a vast collection of some amazing pictures which are basically a collection of photographs that have been sorted out into various categories for you. Most of the images available on stock.xchng are good quality images with high resolution. You can use then on your blog or website without having to pay too much money. This is a great place to hunt down some rare pictures which haven’t been used online too much.

  • Pixabay 

This is one of the best websites online for free CC – 0 images. You can narrow don your search on this website for images based on color. All the images on this website have been categorized to make it easy to find the right images.

  • Unsplash

Unsplash is known for its unique photograph collection. This website provides CC – 0 licensed pictures which can be used on your blogs without having to pay any royalties. Unlike the other websites on this list, Unsplash releases only 10 images a in 10 days.

  • Photo Pin

This is a common royalty free website for images that bloggers use.

  • Public Domain

The images you will find here are the images that have expired domain names and licenses. These are old images but they are royalty free. This website offers the images as a ‘free for all’ which means you will find the same image you used on your blog uploaded on various other blogs and websites.

  • Royalty Free 

Like the name suggests, this website provides you with images that are royalty free and can be used without any cost.

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