Comedy Movies Are The Flavor For Every Weekend

Christian Capozzoli an American born actor who is recently been a part of the movie The Week Of which released in April this year had gained mixed reviews amongst its viewers and critics. The is movie about two fathers who have their differences and only need to stand each other and come together for their children’s wedding. They have to stay together for a week before the wedding which goes on to be one of the most difficult weeks they must have spent in their entire life. It stars big names like Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. The movie is a slapstick comedy and many have written down the film for being boring and having no script and not being funny at all. Some have praised it to be an entertaining outing which a must one time watch at least.

It has some great comic moments to keep the audience’s rolling with laughter for some time. The movie is already available on Netflix and is recommended to be watched once if you plan to have a light and happy weekend. The movie is sure to keep you mood light and funny throughout the lazy Sunday holidays.

Christian Capozzoli who is not a very famous or household name yet, has been fortunate to have already got his chance at working with some great talents in the industry in the form of Adam Sandler. Christian has already been a part of several other projects which have a bit part role, but is looking to have a very busy year to come with a lot of work on his plate already. Christian Capozzoli is well now name in the TV industry and has already done several TV series. Christian plans to be take up several directorial ventures and direct movies in the coming future.

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